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Built for Fashion Brands

Convert your followers to customers and grow your business! Our plug-and-play solution is tailor made for Fashion brands selling on a website or on Instagram.

Biz-e-Bee By Buzzin Spots

A Social Commerce toolkit for Fashion Brands

Biz-e-Bee is an all-in-one social commerce toolkit for aspiring fashion brands.

From interactive catalogs, seamless search and personalized recommendations to lightning-fast express checkouts, our solution enhances the customer experience while retaining the familiar conversational engagement directly in your DM.


For businesses that rely on Instagram for marketing, we improve conversions by providing a seamless customer journey that bridges the gap between Instagram DMs and your website.

Even if you don’t have a website, we provide you with e-commerce functionalities right in your Instagram DM.

In both cases, we help you leverage the power of AI to help you engage with your audience, provide a personalized shopping experience, and generate more sales!

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How does it help?

Fancy Functionalities

Buzz: AI Store Assistant

  • Instant DM responses 24x7

  • Frictionless Checkout in DM

  • Makes DM searchable through text and image

  • Consistent user experience across comments & stories

  • Smart cross-selling algorithms

  • Safety against payment fraud

  • 95% inquiry handling success 

BuzzRM: Conversational CRM

  • ChatGPT powered CRM

  • Chat-based User Segments

  • Targeted Meta Advertising


Automagic: Catalog Manager

  • Showcase your collection in an interactive catalog in the Instagram DM

  • Images link to the same product on your Shopify website

  • Shopify Sync Available

  • Inventory management


Familiar Form

No App Required

  • No app; built into Instagram

  • Grant permissions & get started

Experience how Biz-e-Bee can supercharge your Instagram to generate more sales.

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