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Buzzin Spots boosts productivity across the social commerce workflow

of our

AI Toolkit

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Vision-based cataloging


Eliminate the need for product tagging. Using vision AI, Buzzin Spots understands the visual cues of fashion. This unlocks visual search and better product discovery in the Instagram DM.

Image Search


Product Discovery



The AI Shopping Assistant

Rich conversations are fueled by deep context. And Buzz can extract context from images, social feeds and previous activity.

A shorter, faster and personal customer journey

Conversational CRM

User segmentation. Without the data mining.

'What gets measured, gets managed'

Conversational data is messy. Making sense of the rich insights on your customer engagements require data crunching skills, only accessible to growth hack teams at Google and Amazon.

BuzzRM untangles conversational data and makes it intuitive and actionable. Now, measure social sales funnel like a website.

BuzzRM is Google Analytics for your Conversations.

Target your Ads. By 'talking' to your data, instead of 'crunching' it!

Finally, take action on these insights! Stop 'spraying and praying' approach to digital advertising. And get precise.

Build smarter audiences using Meta tools like Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, from inside BuzzRM.


Content Generation for fashion cataloging

On social, content is king. And our suite of tools optimize content generation costs. Our content generation suite includes generating live captions, color variants and virtual try-on.

Convert products into content. With one click.

Color variants

Vision-based product captioning tool

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