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Redefining Social Selling!

We take the juggle away from your daily struggle
of running your Instagram fashion business

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Fancy Functions

We take all the fancy ecommerce functionalities and make them easy, accessible and relevant for your Instagram store.

Understand your Business

Take smarter strategic decisions

Automate Workflows

Streamline operations

Engage your Audience

Convert followers into buyers

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Familiar Form

Made for the new trend in online shopping!

We make selling on Instagram hassle-free.


Deeply Integrated into Instagram

All our tools work within Instagram itself!

  • You do not need to change your workflow

  • We make Instagram Searchable & Shoppable

  • An end-to-end buying experience within the DM

  • Zero Digital Detours for your customers

For Fashionpreneurs

We are a customized solution for Instagram Fashion Sellers.

Sustainable fashion

Instagram thrift store

Clothing resale


Curated items on Instagram


Biz-e-Bee is everything you need to
grow your social commerce business!

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