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Our Culture



Your Company Is Only As Extraordinary As Your People


People make a company. At Buzzinspots, we are on the lookout for people who bring the right fit in terms of culture, values and mindset. This is what we look for:


Always eager to learn:

Technology is always evolving, and we have to keep up to be relevant. We expect our people to be up to date with the latest technology in our field. Read articles, research, attend webinars, do what needs to be done to understand the new ways we can bring value. 



If you are in a managerial or HOD role, we expect you to be able to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, whether it be with coding or operations. People that can DIY have a better understanding of the subject. No job is too small... We encourage you to have a hands-on approach.


Problem solver:

A startup environment will always have a lot of unforeseen obstacles in the path. We need a person who can take this on as a challenge, and not a chore. Are you someone who will pull out all the stops to get the job done? Take ownership of what you are working on? That’s the attitude we are looking for.


Wear many hats:

The startup environment often requires you to do more than just the role you were hired for. Engineering and Technology may have to help with creative names for products and features, and the design HOD may have to understand the financial model. This gives a more well-rounded approach to understanding our own products and services. We can all learn from each other.



Once the product has been launched in the market, it’s not the end of the game. We need to constantly innovate, foresee trends, and launch new features. Are you someone who can predict the next big thing?



Ideas evolve. Plans change. Companies adapt. Where you started on the drawing board may be completely different from the final product. The ability to adapt and be flexible is important, especially in the technology space. You may have to rebuild something you spent two months working on. Being open to change gives you the opportunity to learn and grow.


Data driven:

We let our data do the talking, instead of seniority/experience or personal opinions. We strive to base all business decisions around the data collected and analysed.


You may have graduated from an Ivy League university, or worked for one of the biggest companies in the world, but we expect all our people to be humble and down-to-earth in their interactions with others. We have no place for ego, arrogance and office politics.


Dog friendly:

Lastly, we prefer people that love dogs! Alpha, our German Shepherd, is our Head of Security and stress-buster. He loves making new friends and hanging out at office meetings.


Does this sound like you? We would like to meet you! Give us a buzz, or email your resume to

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