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Social Commerce Toolkit

for Fashion Brands

Content is 'King', whether you use Instagram as your primary storefront, or use it as a marketing medium to attract customers.

But engaging content takes time. Attention grabbing content requires creativity, deliberation and takes - a lot of takes!


Unlock productivity by using the right tools curated for fashion sellers. You of all people know the impact of a tailor-made fit!


Biz-e-Bee is tailor-made for your fashion business - A social commerce AI toolkit that plugs right into your Instagram DM. Turn conversations into conversions!


To stay in the know -



You have spent so much time & effort to grow your Instagram; now it's time to leverage it!


Buzz, our AI store assistant powers your Instagram DM with the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT.  Buzz can instantly respond contextually to every enquiry. Studies show that instant replies to user enquiries increase conversions by 49%.


Buzz can have rich contextual conversations with your shoppers, and showcase the right products based on filters and customer’s search intent, increasing your conversions and making more sales. Enable immediate checkouts without leaving the conversation.



Tedious business process like collecting payments from customers, selecting the best shipping option and tracking orders can be handled by Biz-e-Bee.

We have integrations with Paytm, RazorPay and Shiprocket for a seamless experience.

Biz-e-Bee also protects against payment fraud.

It sends Verified Payment Links with the amount included, making it impossible to fraud using UPI payments.



When you have more than one channel, it is time consuming to update them frequently.

Showcase your collection effortlessly in a swipe-able catalog inside your DM, which links directly to the same product on your website.

Biz-e-Bee does just that!


Our CRM feature, BuzzRM, organizes all your customer conversations into easy-to-understand and actionable data. Use your customer data to get deep insights, filter segments and create custom audiences. 

BuzzRM also automatically tags your customers based on recent activity (like retained, active, repeat buyers, etc.)


In a corporate setup, you would require a dedicated growth hacking team and a lot of data crunching to achieve this. With BuzzRM you can now take data-driven decisions for your Instagram Fashion Business.

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