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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buzzin Spots?
Our company designs AI powered plug-and-play solutions for small businesses.

What is Biz-e-bee?

Biz-e-bee is our solution to all your social commerce operation needs. Biz-e-Bee includes our storefront manager, Buzz; and more features that will help you run your business operations like a pro!


What is a virtual storefront manager?

Our Virtual Storefront Manager is the only employee to hire to run your business operations. Buzz (Our storefront manager) will handle your business’s daily operations like; responding to queries, taking orders, responding to comments and mentions, and managing post-purchasing activities like payments, calcuating shipping, and tracking shipments.

Do I have to download an app?

No need to download an app! We are a plug-and-play solution that integrates directly into your instant messenger, like Whatsapp and Instagram DM.


Is there a free plan?

Yes! Our free plan gives you access to Buzz, our virtual storefront manager. Buzz can auto-respond to customer DMs and whatsapp chats, and handle your post purchase activity like payment and shipping. The Automagic feature also automatically uploads your products to a website or online store, straight from your Instagram feed.

Is Buzzin Spots a chatbot?

No, we are not a chatbot! We are an all-in-one solution for your social commerce business needs. We do have a conversational bot - Buzz ,as one of our features.


Is Buzzin Spots a digital storefront?

We are not here to offer you a digital storefront; as your Instagram is already your digital storefront. We help you automate the operations so you can focus on more important things: following your passion and growing your business.

Is Buzzin Spots a Marketplace to help me sell more?

No, we are not a marketplace. We do not directly help you sell more. We help automate your operational tasks so you can focus more on creating content for your passion, and that’s how you can scale your business more effectively.


Do I need a business website for this?

No, you do not need a website! Your Social Media accounts are all you need to start using Biz-e-Bee.

What if I already have my own website?

If your website is built on Shopify or Wix, we can integrate with that. We can also update catalogs on Facebook.


What are the features of Biz-e-Bee?

Automagic: Update and fill your catalogs directly from your Instagram posts.

Buzz: Instantly respond to all DMs, queries, comments and mentions. In addition, it will also manage all payment and shipping-related tasks.

BuzzRM: Your very own automated growth hacking team that does auto-tagging and all the tedious number crunching to help make you make smarter decisions. This helps you become more discoverable with the help of a custom audience.


What is Automagic?

Automagic helps you organize your product information into catalogs without all the manual effort. It automatically syncs with your Instagram posts and auto-fills all the relevant information that your buyers need while making a purchase.

How does Automagic work?

Automagic will read through your selected post image and caption and identify all the related fields such as the pricing, brand, color, size etc. It will then prefill all product details and make you a catalog that will work for your Instant messenger as well as sync to your Facebook Commerce Manager.

Can Automagic work for all products?
Currently, Automagic has been trained to read and organise catalogs only for fashion products such as tops, dresses, jeans, etc. We are training our models to soon be able to catalog all kinds of products.

Why should I get a pro plan?

The free and basic plan has limits on Automagic and Buzz features . With the Pro plan you get unlimited features.


What do I need to get started?

You would need the following to use all our functionalities to the optimum:

  • An existing social commerce business

  • A WhatsApp number

  • A Facebook page for your business

  • An Instagram Professional Account


Does my Instagram account need to be linked to a Facebook page?

Yes, your Instagram professional account needs to be linked to a Facebook Page.

What if Buzz cannot answer a specific query?

Buzz connects the customer to the store owner through a call to clarify the query. Or the store owner can intervene when needed.


Are the payments made by my buyers directly received in my bank account?

Yes the amounts are transferred directly in the bank account connected to your UPI ID.

Do you charge any commissions on my sales?

No, we do not charge any commissions on sales! We only charge a subscription fee for paid plans.

Do I have to pay transaction fees for payment gateway?

We have 2 options for collecting payment:

- Buzz can share your UPI ID, and you will receive full payment instantly in your account.

- We offer Razorpay payment gateway as a solution for automated payment. This will incur 2.5% transaction fee and the money will be credited in your account within 3-4 working days.


How is shipping and payments automated?

Buzz can take the customer’s address, calculate shipping costs and send them a payment link for the total amount. Once the customer has paid, Buzz will inform you on whatsapp.


What about Instagram videos? Can you upload those to the website?

We only work with photos as of now. We are working on a video solution.

How will my sales increase by using Biz-e-Bee?

  • Your customers will receive answers to their queries instantly. This ensures the transaction can happen immediately. The longer it takes to answer queries, the more likely a customer will lose interest and drop off.

  • You won’t have to spend all your time replying to customer DMs and chats. This gives you more time for sourcing, marketing and growing the business.

  • Customers trust brands that have websites. We manage and update your catalog and website daily, without you having to pay expensive website developer fees.

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