Here are few of the most frequently asked questions about Buzzin Spots. Please reach out if you have more questions

Why do I need Buzzin Spots?

Generative AI is changing social commerce! And Buzzin Spots is offering D2C fashion brands a chance to adopt this game-changing technology with a single click. Create content, target and engage with customers and enable seamless checkouts. Turn conversations to conversions and followers to customers!

What do I need to get started?

We are tailored for direct-to-customer fashion brands actively using Instagram as their storefront, for discovery and sales. To get the best out of our social commerce toolkit, you need:

  • A Shopify store selling fashion apparels
  • An active Instagram Professional Account
  • An active WhatsApp Account
Do I have to download an app? How much time does setup take?

We are a plug-and-play solution that integrates with your website and Instagram through our Shopify app.

It takes just 5-10 minutes to onboard and integrate your social media accounts. Once your product catalogues have been ingested, you are ready to start buzzing!

How can I trust you?

Buzzin Spots is a Meta verified Technology partner with an executive team from Google. Powered by cutting-edge AI, Buzzin Spots is currently a member of NVIDIA's Inception Program and Google's Start Up Cloud Program.

Is there a free plan?

We have a free trial which gives you unlimited access to all the features for 30 days.

Do you charge any commissions on my sales?

No, we do not charge any commissions on sales. We only charge a monthly subscription fee for paid plans.

How will my sales increase by using Buzzin Spots?

The secret sauce behind higher conversion rates is a shorter, faster and personalized customer buying journey. With year's of experience running growth hack teams at global leading big tech firms, the team at Buzzin Spots has transformed best-in-class practises into a plug-n-play tool.

How much does it cost?

We have three plans. The Basic Plan costs USD35 monthly, the Pro Plan costs USD65 monthly, and the Ultra Plan costs USD99 monthly. Of course, there is a 1-month free trial to get you started.

Which plan is ideal for my business?

Our pricing plans are based on our 'pay as you grow' philosophy. Our plans are tailored for each phase of this entrepreneurial journey. Here is our perspective:

  • Basic Plan: ideal for sellers that receive less than 300 unique inquiries monthly. Also, their product catalogue does not get updated daily. If you want to explore how conversational data can help you build targeted audiences, this is a great place to start.
  • Pro Plan: ideal for sellers receiving high inquiry volumes (>1000 unique inquiries) and are already targeting specific audiences on Meta. This plan handles daily product updates more effectively than the basic plan.
  • Ultra Plan: ideal for businesses with dedicated social media marketing managers and agencies. The magic word here is 'unlimited'. There are no limits to conversations, audience segments or product updates.
How can I cancel my subscription?

If you have installed our Shopify app, you manage your subscription plans from the Shopify admin page. As Shopify bills you on our behalf, the payments are settled along with your monthly Shopify bill.

How can I turn the AI assistant (Buzz) on/off?

You can manage Buzz on WhatsApp and Shopify. Either, you can activate/deactivate Buzz from the Shopify console. ​Login in to the Buzzin Spots app on Shopify. In the left side menu, click on Manage conversations. You can activate or deactivate Buzz from the toggle button here.

On WhatsApp, drop a 'Hi' and our AI assistant will help you manage your account.

Can I modify my registered phone number?

Yes. You can head to the Buzzin Spots app on the Shopify Admin page and verify with your new phone number.

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