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Auction Rules and Regulations

How do I bid?

A minimum starting bid will be specified. You can bid any amount higher than this.

Can I place multiple bids?

Only 1 bid can be placed per auction item. Multiple bids from the same person will lead to disqualification.

Is it free to enter the auction?

We charge a participation fee of INR 1. You must pay this fee for your bid to be valid.

Also, you must follow our Instagram handle @buzzinspots for your bid to be valid.

What kind of auction is it?

Auction will be held as a second-price sealed-bid auction.

Sealed-bid auctions means the highest bid will not be disclosed during the auction process.

Second-price means that a bidder who offers the highest price gets the item in the second highest price.

Example: If the top 2 bids are INR 600 and 700, the winner will pay INR 600.

Can I withdraw my bid?

Yes, but participation fee is non-refundable even if you withdraw the bid.

How do I know if I win?

We will contact you! The winner will need to make a payment within 15 minutes of intimation.

Are there any other fees or taxes?

If you win the auction, you must pay your bid price plus shipping cost.

I won the auction but I don't want to buy the item?

If the winner fails to make the payment during 15 minutes, the bid will be disqualified and the next highest bidder will be offered the product. The process will continue till the product is sold.


The seller will be allowed to participate in the auction process. 

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