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About Us


Social Commerce is the new gold rush!

We want to provide the tools necessary for entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed.

Commerce has become a conversation

Facebook data shows that 75% of customers want to communicate with a business through messaging apps. 

85% of Indians businesses agree that using messenger apps helps build customer relationships.

data sceintist

Making AI affordable and accessible to all

Our products are built for Entrepreneurs by Data Scientists and Designers.

We are passionate about giving small sellers the same capabilities large businesses have.

No website? No problem!

Our initiatives are built to help entrepreneurs take steps toward benefiting from AI-powered tools, using existing messaging platforms on their phone. 


       Who are our customers?​

  • Entrepreneurs or small businesses engaging with customers through Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram

  • Small businesses looking to maximize productivity with simple plug and play solutions

To Bee Great, Automate!

Automation helps you avoid wasting countless hours per week on repetitive and boring tasks. Be more efficient and grow your business!

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